Engaged with software development since 2007. I live in Oslo, Norway.  Developer, solution architect and application manager. Passionate about CMS – don’t ask me why.

Generally speaking, able to help from early design to final solution implementation and support in post go-live phase.

Always open to help, discuss and share opinion about software projects. Especially, if you have software development and efficiency in front. 

Have the most experience in .NET platform and with enterprise CMS implementations in Europe and USA. Would like to learn more about Javascript.

Currently working in Yara International ASA, like my work and colleagues too.

Technologies I am the most experienced with:

.NET, Azure, MSSQL, Episerver, Umbraco, SDL Tridion, Angular, IIS.

Outside work, like being active, cooking, wine tasting and family life. Want to learn American football in order to understand what my USA colleagues discuss over lunch time. 🙂

Check out my LinkedIn profile for more information about my professional experience.

Bogdan Stojanovic profile